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아시아닉 - 터뜨려!

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대한민국, 그리고 우리의 꿈과 염원을 담아.

'아시아닉(The ASIANIC)' Single [POP IT UP!]

'POP IT UP!'은 미래의 꿈과 염원을 품고, 실현하며, 지키는 모두의 간절함을 담아 넣은 곡이다.

- 아트 디렉터, 김동연

[ Credit ]

01 터뜨려!

Composed by HIDS

Lyrics by HIDS

Arranged by the Asianic

Vocal by HIDS

Guitar by 이창규 , 정갱

Bass by Gfield

Drum by 김동훈

Chorus by HIDS

MIDI programming by HIDS

Drum recording engineer by 임정민 (@drum_jeongmein) at DR studio (@dr_recordingstudio)

Mixed by 황동찬 @Restonmemory

Mastered by 황동찬 @Restonmemory

Art director , Album cover by 김동연 (@kimdongyeon_)


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