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안카이브 (Anchive) - 02:00 a.m.

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안카이브 (Anchive) 첫 번째 Digital single [02:00 a.m.]

닿을 수 없는 곳에 누워

꿈에서라도 볼 수 있기를

-2023.11 -

[ Credit ]

1. 새벽 두 시

Composed, Lyrics, Arranged 안카이브 (Anchive)

Guitar 김시환

Bass 박태민

Drum 최재혁

Piano & Synth 안카이브 (Anchive)

Mixed No’D

Mastered 최승우 @Gray Museum

Vocal Recording 노원우 @Snowfinger Studio

Acoustic Guitar Recording 김성훈


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