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지투 (G2) - Old Ways (feat. Above Average Al & Trouble Chee)

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"Old Ways"는 과거에 대한 향수와 미래에 대한 희망을 아름답게

조화시키는 노래입니다. 그 감동적인 가사와 생생한 멜로디는 전통

에서 약속된 내일로의 전환을 담아내며, 추억을 기리고 변화를 포용합니다.

"Old Ways” is a song that beautifully blends nostalgia for

the past with hope for the future. Its heartfelt lyrics and

evocative melody capture the transition from tradition to a

promising tomorrow, celebrating memories and embracing



Written by G Two Hwang, Victor Allen Hicks, Chee Paduano

Produced by west1ne, Macrohard

Mixed & Mastered by west1ne


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