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99' Nasty Kidz (99' 네스티 키즈)-SCP-N99

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Item #: SCP-N99


Object Class: Keter


Special Containment Procedures: SCP-N99 is to be contained within a specially designed dual-chamber containment cell, separated by a reinforced airtight partition. Each chamber should be 9 m x 9 m x 9 m in size. One chamber should contain a blunted, heavy maul, while the other should hold a razor-sharp dagger. Both chambers must have their own independent locking mechanisms, and personnel are strictly forbidden from entering both chambers simultaneously.


Regular checks for any signs of wear or damage to the containment cell and its components are mandatory. In the event of a breach or damage to the partition, immediate lockdown procedures are to be initiated, and specialized response teams equipped with non-lethal incapacitating devices are to be deployed.


Description: SCP-N99 appears as two humanoid entities (designated SCP-N99-A and SCP-N99-B) sharing a single physical form. SCP-N99 measures approximately 2.5 meters in height and exhibits a peculiar duality in its appearance. SCP-N99-A is visually represented as a muscular figure wielding a large, blunted maul, while SCP-N99-B takes the form of a lean, agile entity carrying a razor-sharp dagger.


The entity displays coordination between its two forms, as if both entities share a singular consciousness. SCP-N99 is capable of efficient and deadly combat utilizing both the blunted maul and the razor-sharp dagger simultaneously. Analysis of the physical structure suggests an anomalous connection between the two entities, allowing them to function as a cohesive unit.


SCP-N99 remains dormant and non-anomalous as long as neither of its forms is directly observed. However, upon visual contact with either SCP-N99-A or SCP-N99-B, SCP-N99 will enter an agitated state. The entity will exhibit heightened aggression and begin actively seeking out the observer.


Given the potential danger of SCP-N99's aggressive response, containment breaches are to be treated as high-risk situations. The retrieval of SCP-N99 following a breach is designated as Omega priority due to the potential for widespread harm and loss of life.





Lyrics by Drain K (드레인케이), Hippie Kunda, PAXXWORD

Composed by Baybrick (베이브릭)

Arranged by Baybrick (베이브릭)

Vocal by Drain K, Hippie Kunda, PAXXWORD

Synth by Baybrick

Drum by Baybrick

Bass by Baybrick


Recorded by Baybrick

Mixed & Mastered by Baybrick


Cover Artwork by @hippie_kunda_99nk 


More info & Contact @drain_k_99nk, @hippie_kunda_99nk


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