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prettylittleiris - Madly Into You

음원 듣기 :

What are you MADLY into?

I’m madly into bread..

I’m madly into uck..

I’m madly into mcdonalds coffee..

I’m madly into ralph lauren..

What are YOU madly into?

perhaps are you madly into.. me?

꾸준히 지극히 극도로 좋아하는 것들 :


구운브리치즈와 꿀

얼린 포도와 요거트

해 뜨자마자 먹는 팬케익 !

꾸준히 지극히 극도로 좋아하는 것들 :

((빈칸을 채우시오))

<3, prettylittleiris


written by prettylittleiris, Mario G Parra

music produced by Silver Age

background vocals by prettylittleiris


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